India is a land of mouth-watering cuisine which is liked by people from all around the world. Spicy taste and unique flavors are the reason for the popularity of Indian cuisine. No matter wherever you travel in India each time you get a chance to pamper your taste buds with the different taste. As India is country where one can find diverse local food but it is quite not possible to taste each and every food across the country. So, in this blog, I have come with the name of top Indian cities which are famous for local food. Have a look and make your food experiences in India a memorable one.

Local foodVaranasi- Varanasi holds a distinct image across the world as one of the religious city as well as it has different local food items to offer you as delicacies. During your visit to the city don’t forget to taste Malaiyo which is a local street dessert of the city and is prepared especially in winter. The popularity of Varanasi chaat is immense so don’t forget to taste it at Kashi Chaat Bhandar. Other major must-try foods of the city are Litti-Chokha, Kachori-Sabzi, Choora matar.

Local foodHyderabad- When the talk is about Hyderabad how can I forget to discuss Hyderabadi biryani. As the region was under the control of several Muslim rulers in the medieval period, so now the trend is of non-veg food items in the city. In the city, you get a chance be familiar with different types of biryani, but don’t forget to taste chicken biryani. I am sure you will fall in love with the city if you are a foodie.

local foodGoa- The popularity of Goa in terms of seafood is not hidden from us. This place gives you a chance to enjoy a perfect vacation as well as to eat famous local food which you can’t eat in your hometown. According to my views, the must-try foods of Goa are Shawarma at Haji Ali restaurant. Other delicacies of Goa are Prawn BalachaoKingfish, and Xacuti which you should not miss on your Goa holiday. 

Local foodDelhi- If you want to explore a different kind of taste at one place, then don’t forget to add Delhi to your list. Delhi will offer all the best local food items which are liked by every foodie, in short, there is no limitation of food items. If you are in Chandani Chowk then don’t forget to taste Parathe and if you are the modern area Khan market then go for Aaloo chaat. It is not what Delhi is limited to you can also eat local foods like Jalebi, Kathi rolls, Chhole Bhature, Raj Kachori.

Local foodChennai- The popularity of South Indian food is not limited to certain food items which we use to prepare in our homes. Chennai is considered as an ideal location to grab some really tasty local foods like Idli, Vadai, Idiyappam, Masala Dosa. This city also offers you the best of nonveg items like Chettinad chicken which tastes a bit spicy than our regular homemade chicken.

Local foodMumbai- Now let’s talk about the popularity of city of dreams in terms of its local food. Vada Pav is one of the well known local food of Mumbai, you will get it in any part of the city from a small stall to a well-established restaurant. One can also enjoy a leisure walk at Juhu beach with Bhelpuri and Barf ka GolaThe other famous local food of Mumbai are Dabeli, Misal Pav, Bun Maska and many others.

Jaipur- Jaipur is also known for its authentic Rajasthani cuisine which includes daal- baati churma. This city is also famous for its sweet dishes like Balushahi and Ghevar. If you want to taste Rajasthani food at its best then don’t forget to visit Chhokhi Dhani which is a resort. During your visit to Chokhi Dhani, you will feel like you are in a village of Rajasthan.

local foodLeh-Ladakh- Leh- Ladakh is a well-known region of India which is famous for its local food in the entire world. Though the origin of Thukpa is from Tibet, it is considered as a well known local food of Ladakh. Momos which is a well-known street food in India is one of the major local food of this region. Ladakh region is also famous for its beverages, during your visit don’t forget to taste butter tea.

Assam- The northeastern part of the Inda is not backward in terms of local food. If you prefer to taste less spicy food then Assam is the perfect place for you. Gooror Payas is the traditional sweet dish of the state and is made up of milk, jaggery, and dry fruits. Majority of local food in Assam is nonveg like Tangy Fish curry if you like seafood then surely you are going to like this. You will be really amazed at eating Baanhgajor Lagot Kuurkura which is a chicken recipe that contains grated bamboo shoot.

local foodKolkata- Kolkata is the ideal place for those who prefer the sweet taste to satisfy their hunger. The popularity of Bengali sweets like Roshogulla, Mohan bhog, Payesh, Kalo Jaam, Kheer Kadam is immense across the country. If you are looking for spicy taste in Kolkata then go for Kathi rolls at Zaika which is considered as first eat out where the rolls were introduced. Don’t forget to taste Puchkas (Golgappe) in Kolkata, it is a way to delicious of what we eat in our city.

Local foodLucknow- We cannot leave Lucknow when the talk is about the famous local food of cities. The Awadhi cuisine of the city doesn’t need any introduction, in short, I can say that Lucknow is a must visit place for those who are a foodie. Don’t forget to eat royal Kebabs at Tundey Kebab which is well known for its authentic kebab. Lucknawi paan also a must try local food item of the city. As a majority of the population in Lucknow is Muslim non-veg cuisine is more preferred.

I hope this post was helpful for everyone, and certainly, you must have got an idea of the famous cities of India known for local food.

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