Our India is not limited only up to certain places of traveling, luckily it is full of numerous beautiful location out of which you can select any place of your interest to explore. You can explore India by three different regions which are mainly plains, coastal and mountains. These three regions are beautiful in their own way and sometimes words are less to describe the real beauty of India. Well, today I am going to highlight 5 stunning beaches in India other than Goa. After reading the sentence, you might be quite surprised because of the word beaches is considered best with Goa only, but it is not like that. Certainly, the beaches in Goa are panoramic and is among one of the most visited holiday destinations, but now we need to change this perception because there is an infinite number of spectacular and stunning beaches present in India. So, from the next time, if you are planning a beach holiday don’t limit your vacation only up to Goa. Let’s start the today’s topic about the 5 stunning beaches of India other than Goa.

Stunning beachesKovalam Beach- If you were planning a beach holiday from too long, then Kovalam beach can be your favorite holiday destination. Kovalam is a town in Kerala which is well known for its three beaches which are Lighthouse beach, Hawa beach, and Samudra beach. Out of these three, the most popular beach is Lighthouse beach as it gives you an opportunity to see the whole view of the beach from the top, i.e, one can climb one the lighthouse through the stairs. It feels like heaven when cool breeze touches your cheeks on the top of the lighthouse and if you are really passionate about photography then you must not miss the lighthouse beach. The other two beaches are not soo popular for tourism as both of them are mainly used by fisherman for the business purposes. The popularity of lighthouse beach in Kerala is similar to the popularity of Juhu beach in Mumbai and is considered as one of the stunning beaches of India.

Stunning beachesMarina Beach- When you see stalls of South- Indian food items such as Murukku, Sundal and many other than no doubt you are in Chennai at the world’s second largest beach, Marina Beach. The beach is spread at a distance of 13 kilometers and is considered as an ideal location for hangout with family and for an evening walk. This beach will leave you awestruck for its high waves and therefore bathing and swimming are strictly prohibited at the beach. The beach is usually visited by a large number of visitors but the most favorable time to visit the beach is during winters. Apart from high waves Marina beach also gives you a chance to see the marine life in the first aquarium of India, which was established in the year 1909 and you can also enjoy horse riding along the beach. Exploring Marina Beach during your vacations is the best alternative of visiting Goa.

Stunning beachesKavaratti Beach- The beach is located in Lakshadweep and is spread in an area of 3 kilometers, there are several mythological stories associated with it, and it is believed that Lord Rama have visited the beach. Like any other beach, it is also equipped with several water sports like Jetskiing, Kayaking Canoeing, and many others. You can also spend some quality time with your loved ones on the beach and enjoy a leisure walk. At the beach, you can also see an aquarium and can learn about the marine in deep as well you can also visit historical monuments. It is among one of the most visited beaches of Lakshadweep and hence you will not find a problem of accommodation around it. You can spend a quality vacation in Lakshadweep at the most stunning beaches of India, but the need is that you have to take an entry- permit.

Stunning beachesJuhu Beach- Considered ideal location for the film shooting, Juhu Beach is among one of the most stunning beaches of India and is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. If you are at Juhu beach don’t forget to taste the local cuisine of Mumbai, which you will surely like. It is the perfect place for jogging and if you are true to nature then surely you can spend a wonderful evening at the beach. The beach is surrounded by large hotels and huge apartments, hence you will not find any accommodation problem. You may find yourself uncomfortable at the beach because it is not so clean like other beaches of India, but trust me you can spend quality time with your loved ones at the beach.

Stunning beachesNagoa Beach- Nagoa beach is located near to Diu city and is well known for its water which is perfect for swimming. The white sands and blue water of sea adds a plus point to the beauty of Nagoa beach. The beach is not so famous for adventurous activities but you can enjoy water skiing, boating, and few others, but if you want to relax in the cool breeze then you must not miss this beach. Another center of the attraction of the beach is Hoka which is a distinctive African palm tree. The major attraction if Nagoa beach is St.Francis of Assisi, St.Paul’s church, Sea Shell museum and many others. Nagoa beach is considered among the top stunning beaches of India and you can also include in your beach holidays.

The popularity of stunning beaches in India is not limited only up to the above-mentioned beaches. Here, I have given only a few names of stunning beaches which you can select for your beach holiday other than Goa. Hope, you all have like it.

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