Ever thought how amazing it would be to explore the marine life deep inside the sea water? If not then at the end of the post you will surely want to explore the underwater life. Fortunately, our India has a large number of coastal states where water sports are way too popular than any other regions of the country. Scuba diving in coastal regions of India has always been a center of attraction for those who want to explore marine life. The popularity of Scuba diving is not limited only up to the coastal regions, our Indian cinema has also covered it in many movies. Well, in this blog I am going to cover the best places for Scuba diving in India, price, best season and the popular diving sites.

scuba diving1) Neil Island (Andaman and Nicobar Islands)- Neil Island one of the most peaceful but small island which is situated at distance of 38 kilometers from Andaman. If you want to enjoy scuba diving away from the hustle and bustle of the city then Neil Island is the place for you. As the island is less crowded you will find conserved biodiversity, clear beaches, green forests. Apart from scuba diving, you can also visit beaches like Laxmanpur beach, Jetty area, Ramnagar beach and many more.

Best Season- The best time to visit Neil Island is from the month of December till the month of March, as the weather remains pleasant at this time.

Famous diving sites- Jetty Channel marker, Bus stop, Margherita’s Mischief, K-rock.

Approximate cost- Cost of per person will be around Rs 3000-Rs 6000.

2) Grand Island (Goa)- Beaches, late night parties, sunburn festival altogether makes an image of Goa. Apart from all these Goa is well known for its adventurous sports, if you are searching for a perfect place for scuba diving in Goa then nothing can be better than Grand Island. In simple word, Grand Island is a hub of adventurous activities in Goa. During your dive at Grand Island, you will come across the coral reefs, colorful fishes, and many other small underwater plants. If you are doing scuba diving for the first time then for you Goa will be the best.

Best Season- November- March is the best time for scuba diving in Goa because at that time humidity is minimum.

Famous diving sites- Cove of Shelter, Reef of Uma Guma, Wreck of Suzy’s, The Jetty, The turbo tunnel.

Approximate cost- Cost of per person will be around Rs 2500- Rs 4500.

3) Kovalam (Kerala)- Kovalam a town situated at distance of 18 kilometers from  Thiruvananthapuram capital of Kerala. Mainly Kovalam is well known for its beaches but it is also popular as an adventurous sports location. Scuba diving in Kovalam gives you an opportunity to experience marine life at its best. Apart from exploring the marine life, one can also see breathtaking views of the state in the form of waterfalls, canals, lakes, rivers. In short, if you have visited Kovalam then you have seen the beauty of the God’s own country.

Best Season- September- March is the best time to visit Kovalam for scuba diving.

Famous diving sites- Scuba cochin dive center, Bond Safari Scuba diving.

Approximate cost- The approximate cost will be around Rs 4500- Rs 7000 per person.

Kadmat Islands (Lakshadweep)- If you are professional in scuba diving then Lakshadweep is best for you. Luckily Lakshadweep is blessed with a number of beautiful islands, but the most preferred one is Kadmat islands for scuba diving. Another name of this island is Cardamom island, which is a habitat of different types of marine species particularly turtles. Apart from turtles, the main highlight of this island is live corals.  In simple words, I would like to say that if you are looking for a peaceful surrounding then don’t forget to visit this island of Lakshadweep.

Best Season- October- May is the best time to visit Lakshadweep for scuba diving because at this time the weather is not so humid.

Famous diving sites- Bangaram, Agatti, Kavaratti, Kalpeni.

Approximate cost- The approximate cost for diving in Lakshadweep is between Rs 2500- Rs 6000.

The Hole (Pondicherry)- After reading the name you might have understood that this diving site is bit different. The hole is the perfect diving spot for professional scuba divers and was found in the year 2011. The depth of this diving site is about 30 meters, and it is better to take a torch with yourself if you want to see marine life in the best possible way. If you think that you are passionate about scuba diving then don’t forget to add Pondicherry in your itinerary.

Best Season- November- March is the best time for scuba diving in Pondicherry because at this time weather is pleasant and calm.

Famous diving sites- 4 corners, Temple reef, Aravind’s Wall, PADI dive center, Ravines.

Approximate cost- The approximate will be around Rs 3500-Rs 6500.

Netrani Island (Karnataka)- Netrani island (Pigeon Island) is situated at distance of 18 kilometers from Murudeshwara, is one of the popular diving spots in the southern part of India. Karnataka gives you an opportunity to explore the natural beauty in the form of backwaters, valleys, lush green forests. Well, if you want to do scuba diving in southern India then Netrani Island is the most suitable option. During your diving, you can see various aquatic animals like eels, fishes, turtles, Whales and many others. Scuba diving at this island will surely be a memorable one.

Best Season- November-April is the best time for scuba diving in Netrani island.

Famous diving sites- Dive Netrani, Netrani Adventures, West Coast Adventures.

Approximate cost- The approximate will be around Rs 5000-Rs 6500.

I hope you have liked the above-mentioned places of scuba diving in India. So, plan your adventurous holiday and make it a memorable one.




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