India tourA smart traveler is one who explores new places within the estimated budget, but sometimes one has to extend the limit of the budget because of lack of knowledge about the destination. Traveling with a pre-planned budget is always beneficial for a traveler as it helps to cut down unnecessary expenses, and it also tells that where to spend money. Let’s talk about India, India is among one of the most visited countries in the world. Many of us have planned to travel India but could not implement it because we think it might harm our pocket, but is not like that. If you will make an estimated budget and are well aware of the appropriate places, where you have to spend money in India you can surely enjoy your India tour at its best. In this blog, I am going to talk about the some best ways to save money on your India tour.

Check information on websites- If you are traveling India for the first time, then you should be well aware of the best places you can explore in India. So, before making any plans it is advisable to check the destination on travel websites which you want to explore during your India tour.

India tourPrefer to travel in the off-season- India can be explored best in the off-season, no matter which part of the country you want to explore. If you are traveling in the off-season then you can get the best hotel deals, best travel packages, which is not possible to get in on-season.

Inform your friends or relatives about your visit- If you have any friends or relatives in India, don’t forget to tell them about your visit. It will have two benefits you will be able to spend some quality time with your loved ones and other is that you can cut down your accommodation expenses.

Don’t hesitate to bargain- If you are from another country then Indian shopkeepers will always try to charge extra from you. So, always do bargaining in everything from shopping to local transport. If you don’t bargain you will surely fluctuate your budget during your India tour.

Choose best travel packages- Try to go for travel packages from the best tour operators or travel agents. If you prefer to travel by own you may result in spending more money, but if you prefer to travel by choosing packages then the majority of your things are pre-planned and you don’t have to worry much.

Opt for local transports- If you are doing India tour for the first time, you probably don’t have the idea about the transportation system. In India, you should opt for local transport like metros, buses, rickshaw as they will be cheaper and will surely help you to cut down the travel expenses.

India tourPlan your holiday in advance- Planning a holiday in advance will always be beneficial as you can get cheap flight tickets from the sites of different airlines. If you plan your holiday in a short period of time, you may have to spend more out of the budget.

Conversation with locals- Indians are always helpful and greet their guests in a decent manner. So, you can ask locals about the sightseeing of your travel place, the best mode of transport, shopping attractions and nearby places of attractions. They will surely help you in the best possible manner.

Choose homestay instead of hotels- It is better not to spend more on luxurious hotels and go for homestay during your India tour. Homestay is much cheaper and well spacious than hotel rooms but you need to have a prior booking.

Use helpful apps- Use applications like Whatsapp, IMO, Messenger to make calls to avoid roaming charges. Google maps are a way to helpful during a journey, as it will help you to find out the best route to your destination.

India tourGo for group traveling- The more the people the more will be fun and enjoyment during your India tour. If you choose to travel in a group you can easily cut down your expenses on accommodation, food, and travel and at the end of the trip, there will be no scope of regret.

Choose Dhaba to eat- Instead of having lunch, dinner at a fine dining restaurant you can choose Dhaba (small eat out on the roadside) to eat food as they are much cheaper as well as you will get hygienic and healthier food.

Shop in the local market- If you want to explore Indian market then go shopping in local markets instead of shopping in big complexes and malls. In the local market, you will able to find beautiful artifacts, traditional Indian clothes, jewelry and much more almost at half price of the big showrooms rates.

Always keep ready to make foods- It is better to keep ready to make foods with yourself so that you can energize yourself whenever needed. It will also help you to cut down your expenditure on restaurants.

Hire a guide- You can also hire a guide during your India tour, who will guide you about the entire destinations of a particular place, it is better to ask for a professional guide by the tour operators.

These 15 ways are really going to help you during your India tour. So, pack your bags and India will welcome you in its best possible manner.India tour



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