The month of December is arriving and its time to start preparation for jolly Christmas. Earlier Christmas was celebrated only in foreign countries but now it’s not like that, this festival is celebrated on a grand scale across the world. The festival is popular among children as according to ancient saga it is believed that an old man with the white beard brings gifts and presents. As Christmas is not celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm across the country, but there are few regions of India where Christmas is celebrated up to great extent. In this blog, I have compiled the name of places which are well known for Christmas celebration.

Goa: Christmas in the Portuguese legacy 

Goa is a place to celebrate if talking about Christmas, this festival is celebrated with great zeal and pomp. It is so because the region is dominated by peoples belonging to Christianity and Portuguese influence. During the festival, the Goa covers itself into a bedsheet of lights, prayers are sung in the midnight, churches are decorated in a beautiful manner, and several beach parties are organized. Apart from all these, you can find several major attractions in Goa hence it deserves to be placed on first on this list.

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Kerala: Combination of Beaching and festivity

Ever thought how good it would be if you got a chance to enjoy beaching and festivity of Christmas at one place? Well, your this thought could be changed into reality if you will visit Kerala this December. The festival is celebrated in the state with great zeal, churches are beautifully decorated, cakes are made, various discounts are organized in restaurants and cafes. Wayanad, Munnar, Kovalam, Trivandrum are some of the popular cities of Kerala which are well known for Christmas celebration.

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Shimla: For a celebration in chilling snow

All of us have mostly celebrated Christmas in the plains of India, so why not plan for something different this time? If you don’t mind to adapt your body to the cold climate of Himachal Pradesh, then Shimla is the place for you. In Shimla, you can turn your cinematic celebration of the festival into reality. As this city gives you an opportunity to decorate the X-mas tree around the layer of snow, playing with snow, enjoying several adventurous sports activities like skiing. If you want to turn your this dream into reality, try to book your trip as soon as possible because the December month is very busy.

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Delhi: For a metropolitan celebration 

Are you a metropolitan lover? Looking for Christmas celebration in a metropolitan city? Then Delhi is ready to host your festival celebration, where you enjoy theme parties in clubs and lounges, visit the famous churches of the city, witness the decoration of shopping malls, and get several discounts on restaurants and cafes. If you want to experience something different then don’t forget to visit beautiful vacation Embassy Chapel in Chanakyapuri. In short, in spite of the cold temperature in Delhi in December, Delihites celebrate the festival with great avidity and passion.

ChristmasChennai: Celebration with a traditional touch

If you want to celebrate Christmas in the Southern part of the country, then go for Chennai. Chennai celebrated the festival in a bit different manner, here banana and mango leaves are used for decoration purpose and mud lamps are lighted on the roof of the house. In simple words, the festival in Chennai is a mix of both traditional and modern celebration. Apart from this traditional aspect, everything is very similar people use to visit churches, sing carols, decorate Christmas tree, bible reading. In clubs and malls several theme parties, buffet lunch are organized. Hence, without any doubt, Chennai is one of the best places to celebrate the festival.

Mumbai: Where celebration and taste go hand in hand

Again a metropolitan deserves to be placed in this list, Mumbai. Due to the influence of Catholic population in some areas of the city, Christmas in Mumbai is celebrated with great pomp and zeal. On the Christmas Eve, locals of Mumbai used to visit Mount Mary’s Basilica Church, Gloria Church, St.Andrew’s Church, St.Peter’s Church. Apart from visiting churches, the festival in Mumbai is well known for lip-smacking bakery items, if you are in Mumbai at Christmas time don’t forget to grab few of them. You can also do Christmas Shopping on the Bandra lanes and Crawford market. In brief, Mumbai is also one of the must visit place for Christmas holiday in India.

Kolkata: Christmas in Gateway of Eastern India

Kolkata celebrates each and every festival of India in a huge manner, no matter whatever the religion of people is, almost every community get together to celebrate. If we talk about Christmas in Kolkata, it is worth visiting the place because in December Kolkata Christmas Festival is organized every year in Park street. Apart from the festival, one can visit St. Paul’s Cathedral for midnight mass and Bow Barracks where Bow fest is organized. One can also enjoy Christmas delicacies like tart, plum cakes, puddings, chocolate cake and many others. Late night parties, rock band shows are some of the other major highlights of the city during the festival.

Shillong: Celebration in a peaceful location

For a memorable Christmas celebration why not to visit North-Eastern part of the country this time? If you are really interested then plan your trip to Shillong. As the temperature of Shillong in December is usually very less, so very few tourists visit the place hence if you are fond of cold weather, then you are going to celebrate the festival with great fervour and joy. Churches are decorated with lights, carols are sung, delicacies of the festival are prepared. Besides celebration time, one can witness the beautiful flora and fauna of the hill station, especially in the month of December.

Plan your trip to any one of the above-mentioned place to celebrate Christmas and have a great time with your loved ones.


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