With the advancement in the technology, gadgets have become an important part of our life and it is now impossible to spend a single day without gadgets. We can not deny the fact that the gadgets have made our life easier and much faster as compared the ancient times. You can find the use of gadgets in our day to day life which may be for official work or just for solving a minor issue. Now gadgets have made their unique place in the vacations as well, you can not deny the fact that gadgets act as a savior during vacations. Well, today I am going to discuss the must carry gadgets while traveling to hill stations.  Holidays bring a lot of happiness, joy, and elation of exploring a new destination but it also brings anxiety about what to pack for holidays. This confusion can increase much if you are traveling to a place where you have never been before. So, don’t worry take a look at the must carry gadgets which will surely help you during your trip.

GadgetsPowerbank- All of you are well aware of what is it, Powerbank is among one of the  must carry gadgets during your trip to hill stations. As it is quiet, not possible to find charging plug everywhere you go but if you have power bank you can charge your phone without any hindrance. If you are traveling to remote areas like Ladakh, then you may face the problem of electricity and at that time you will really need a power bank. If you are on 5 days trip to any hill stations then it is advisable to carry 20000 mAH power bank, which you will easily get in the market at an affordable price of Rs 1500- Rs 2000.

GadgetsCamera- A DSLR or even a simple camera is your perfect companion during your trip to the hill stations. A camera is a perfect gadget by which you can capture each and every movement of your trip which will be with you for the lifetime. If you don’t have a camera then you can use your phone to capture the unforgettable movements of your trip with your loved ones. If you are planning to buy a simple camera for your trip then you can get in the market at price range of Rs 5000- Rs 15000.


GadgetsUSB Hub- If you are traveling in a group then you must not forget to carry USB hub. You may not find multiple charging points in your hotel room and at that time USB hub will charge multiple phones at a single time within a short period of time. You can easily purchase a USB hub in the market at a price range of Rs 150-Rs 200.



must carry GadgetsSmartwatch- If you don’t want your phone to decline its battery then the best alternative for that is to carry a smartwatch with yourself. As the name suggests, it works more than just displaying time. You can get the notifications on the smartwatch which are sent to your mobile, as well as you can answer your calls from it. If you are planning for trekking then it will display the elevation from the ground level and it will also help you for navigation purpose. In the market, you can get smartwatches between the price range of Rs 800-Rs 10,000.


GadgetsBluetooth speaker- The best source of entertainment during a vacation is usually music and no matter with whom you are, music is liked by peoples of all age groups. If you are traveling in a group then you must carry Bluetooth speaker which will add much more enjoyment to your trip.  If you don’t have a Bluetooth speaker then you can get it from the market at an affordable price of Rs  500- Rs 2000.



GadgetsNavigator- If you are traveling for the first time to any particular hill station, then probably you are not aware of the routes and directions. It is awkward as well as irritating to ask someone for the route in every 10 minutes. For that, you can use google maps which is usually pre-installed on mobile phones and act as a perfect navigator at an unknown location. The major advantage of google maps is that it you can also use it in offline mode, so no worry google maps will also work in that area which is deprived of the network.


Now, I hope after reading this post you have got an idea about the necessary gadgets which you must carry on vacation to hill stations. If you have already packed your bags for vacations, then don’t forget to add these gadgets which will surely make your trip a memorable one.Gadgets


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