Manikarnika GhatThe rule of life cannot be denied if there is a birth surely there will be death. Life is so uncertain and you don’t have an idea what can happen to you within fractions of a second. All of you are well aware of the religious importance of Varanasi but apart from it, Varanasi is well known as the spiritual capital of India.It is said that who die in Varanasi their soul founds the direct way to heaven. Besides the spirituality and religious importance, the city holds a distinct image across the world in terms of tourism. You can find attractions in Varanasi according to your own choice, but you should definitely include sacred ghats of Varanasi as a major sightseeing. The city is well known as a land of 87 ghats across the river Ganga, and the majority of them are used for the bathing purpose but two ghats Manikarnika   Ghat and Harishchandra Ghat are used for cremation purpose. In this post, I am going to talk about Manikarnika Ghat which is among one of the oldest and sacred Ghats of Varanasi.

How the Manikarnika Ghat got its name?

There are several mythological stories behind the name of Manikarnika Ghat, according to a story the Ghat is called Manikarnika because of the earing (Manikarnika) of the goddess Sati fell here when Lord Vishnu divided her body with his chakra after death.

Manikarnika Ghat as a Shaktipeeth

Shaktipeeths are center of worship of Hindu goddess Sati, there are about 52 or 108 Shaktipeeths across the country but few of them are in neighboring countries as well. Manikarnika Ghat is among one of the Shaktipeeths as earing of goddess Sati fell here after her death, Sati is worshiped as Vishalaksi and Manikarni at the Ghat.

Manikarnika ghat

Why is the Manikarnika Ghat also known as Burning Ghat?

Manikarnika Ghat (Mahashamshan) is among one of the most popular cremation ground across the world. It is believed that pyres in Manikarnika burns 24*7 and this is the main reason why the Ghat is called as burning ghat. No matter whatever the season is people here have to wait in a long queue for the last rituals of their loved ones. People have to pay a small amount of money at the Ghat in order to get the woods for burning the body.

Why is Manikarnika Ghat so special?

The ghat is well known for cremation across the world and is special because here the death is celebrated in which rueful chants are sung in every single hour of the day to make the soul of loved ones rest in peace. The outside view of Manikarnika Ghat is busy with life, but when you are at ghat you get an opportunity to be aware of the truth of life which is death. However, this Ghat is not so popular from the tourism point of view but if you want to relax your inner soul then you can visit here.

Before the rituals start the corpse is first dipped in the river Ganga, and first five woods of pyre are arranged by the peoples of Domar caste. The cremation grounds in the major cities of India are usually outside or on the outskirts of the city, but the Manikarnika Ghat is located in the middle of the city which adds a plus point in the popularity of the Manikarnika Ghat. In short Manikarnika Ghat is called as the gateway to heaven.

At last, I would like to say that you must visit Varanasi once in the life because here you will get a chance to see different colors of life.Manikarnika Ghat


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