Winter season is always favorite of everyone, as it is the time when we get relief from the scorching heat of Sun. Doubtlessly, winters bring a lot of happiness and joy in everyone life as well as a reason to travel. Yes, of course, this season is one of the best time when we take a break from our daily routine and explore the world. Take a pause, if not the world then surely India can be your next holiday destination this December. Luckily, India is blessed with beautiful hill stations which are enough to make your vacation a memorable one. One of the well-known hill station of India is Manali in the state of Himachal Pradesh, where you can plan your next trip. If your plan is sure to visit, then check out the reasons why you should visit Manali in winters.

Manali in wintersManali in Winters (October-February)

The winter in Manali begins from the month of October, the temperature starts going down, mountains get ready to cover with snow, animals, and birds turn for hibernation. If you want to witness the snowfall in Manali then December-mid February will be the most ideal time. Apart from witnessing the snowfall, December-February is also an ideal time for adventure seekers. If you are visiting Manali in winters then make sure you pack enough woolens as the temperature is usually below minus.

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Reasons for traveling Manali in winters

1) For turning your dream of Switzerland visit into reality in India

Yes, visiting Manali is winters can turn your dream of visiting Switzerland into reality in India only. Switzerland is well known as one of the best places in the world to see snowfall, but Manali in India gives a tough competition. In simple words, what is the need to visit in another country when you can find a beautiful place in your own country? If you agree with me on this point then plan your Manali trip this winter.

2) For turning your cinematic experience into reality

We all have seen a beautiful view of snow covered mountains in movies, but if you want to experience it in reality then Manali is always ready to welcome you. December-February is that part of the year in which Manali covers itself with snow. In winters you can find snow everywhere in Manali, hence you will get an opportunity to play in the snow as well as you can make snowmen. Visiting Manali in winters will surely make you a storyteller.

3) A chance to be adventurous

Manali also gives you an opportunity to be adventurous especially in winters. In winters you can enjoy the snow activities like skiing, snow scooter, snow sledding, snowboarding and many others. If you will visit the place just for snow then it is not enough, be adventurous and try some activities. Trust me, if you will not do adventurous activities then you will surely regret later.

4) For a budgeted traveling 

Visiting Manali in winters will not harm your pocket because in this season you will get perfect deals on your accommodation and travel expenses. Luxurious hotels in Manali start their winter discounts from the month of November which last till the March. If not talking about luxurious hotels, you can select homestays as your accommodation at a cheaper rate. In winters you will also get discount on travel, as the demand of local taxis during this season is not so high. You can get a cab from your hotel or you can hire a taxi at an affordable price.

5) For a visit to a cultural festival of the state

If you have not seen any cultural festival of a mountainous region, then you should definitely visit Manali in winters. Manali is known for hosting a cultural festival popularly called as Manali winter Carnival. The carnival is usually organized in the month of January or February and is a worth visit. The festival shows the traditional culture of Himachal Pradesh and its popularity is not limited to the boundary of the state. Peoples from various parts of the country are invited to take part in the several competition and show their skills. The main highlight of the carnival is folk dance, winter queen contest, classical dance, and street play.

Manali in winters6) For taking a dip in hot water spring 

Nothing can be better than taking a hot water bath in winters. If you agree, then don’t forget to visit Vashisht Temple which is situated at a distance of 4 kilometers from the town. The temple is well known for hot water springs which possess medicinal value. So, you have got another reason to visit Manali in winters.

7) For enhancing your love bond with your mate

It is well said that love bond between partners needs to be intensified from time to time. If you are looking for a reason to enhance your bond of love with your mate, then plan for Manali trip this winter. Manali is really a romantic place and trust me you and your partner will surely like it.

I hope the above-mentioned reasons are enough which will motivate you to plan a vacation in Manali this winters. Go ahead, and book your tickets.


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