God’s own country Kerala is one of the most popular state of India is located on Malabar coast. The state has its own distinct image across the country in terms of highest literacy rate, and one of the most visited tourist spot. The one thing which makes Kerala a major tourist attraction is its backwaters. First, let me clarify what a backwater is. Backwaters is that part of a water body mainly river where water is still or motionless. Now, let’s talk about the Kerala backwaters, it is a series of attached lakes, canals, lagoons, rivers which lies parallel to the Malabar coast. Kerala backwaters are highly rich in flora and fauna and one can see the real beauty of the state on a houseboat. If you are planning to visit Kerala then check out the must-visit backwater tours.

Kerala backwatersAlleppey backwaters- Though there are a number of locations in Kerala for enjoying backwater tours, Alleppey deserves to be placed on the top of the list because it is a heaven of greenery. It is considered that Alleppey (Alappuzha) makes the largest part of Kerala backwaters.If you are looking for a romantic time with your partner then Alleppey backwaters will be best for you.If you are a nature lover, then you will surely get goosebumps when your houseboat will pass through the green plantations, coconut trees, islands. Try to visit during the Aranmula snake boat race, which is between August-September, you will surely like it.

Kerala backwatersKasargod backwaters- If you want to see backwaters in the traditional part of Kerala then Kasargod is for you. Kasargod backwaters are not considered among the famous Kerala backwaters but it really offers a peaceful environment, where you can find yourself attached to nature. You will find a number of forts during your backwater tour in Kasargod, out of which Chandragiri fort is must visit which is situated at distance of 4 kilometers from Kasargod. During this tour, you will come to know about the local cuisine of the state and can talk with local peoples. If you are looking for both relaxation as well as want to be in touch with nature, then don’t forget to miss this backwater.

Kollam backwaters- Kollam backwaters are one the ideal Kerala backwaters and is must visit for those who want to make their stay a memorable one, on the traditional houseboats of Kerala called Kettuvalloams. These houseboats have all the facilities which will surely make your stay a comfortable one. In ancient time, Kollam was a major trading center but now you can see much greenery and fishing boats on the edge of the sea. You will get a chance to be familiar with the local dishes of Kerala on your houseboat which will be prepared by traditional cooks. So, make the plan to visit Kollam backwaters with your family this holiday.

Kerala backwatersKumarakom backwaters- Situated at distance of 15 kilometers from Kottayam Kumarakom is a gather of the number of small islands on the largest lake of Kerala Vembanad. This Kerala backwaters experience will be a totally different from other backwaters, as you will get a chance to experience captivating boat race, fishing, a bird sanctuary, beautiful streams. The surroundings of this backwater are so beautiful that you will instantly fall in love with it. Offer a memorable holiday to yourself by choosing traditional houseboats Kettuvallam for your accommodation. You can also go for Shikara boat to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Kerala at its best.

Kozhikode backwaters-Kozhikode or Calicut is one of the well-established city of Kerala, earlier it was a popular as commercial and trading center. Now, it is considered as one of the best Kerala backwaters destinations. Kozhikode backwaters are one of the clear backwaters on which you can see the picturesque nature in the form of Kozhikode beach, green plantations, beautiful lakes. Elathur and Kallayi river is considered as the best spot for boating experiences and for bird watching. Pazhassirajah Museum is considered as a major tourist attraction of this backwaters, where you see ancient architecture, sculptures, coins. Other attractions of Kozhikode backwaters are Kadalundi bird sanctuary, Dolphin point, Art gallery and Payyoli beach.

Kottayam backwaters- Kottayam backwater has always been ideal for exploring backwaters in Kerala. Earlier Kottayam was used as headquarter but now it is considered as a land of the letters, latex and lakes, rubber plantations. The popular Vembanad lake makes Kottayam backwaters ideal for seeing the panoramic beauty of the state in the form of large canals, beautiful water lilies, large coconut trees, green plantations. If you want to see the lifestyle of Kerala peoples then for that don’t forget to visit Punnamada Lake. The main tourist attraction of Kottayam backwaters is Vaikom Shiva Temple, Mannanam, St. Mary’s Church.

Certainly, you have got an idea why Kerala backwaters are so famous. Book a Kerala tour and visit any of the backwaters to see the real beauty of the state. 


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