Planned a holiday? The next comes is the expenses, packing, sightseeing, accommodation facility. From our childhood, we have been staying in hotels during our vacations as we are well aware of the booking process and it is quite easy to find or can say it is a trend. No matter wherever we stay, the focus is just to find a place where we can get a homely environment and can relax for few days or hours. When the concept of the hotels was not so popular people use to stay in Dharamshala during their trip, but with the change in the time, different forms of accommodation have been developed.Currently, Homestays is being popular in India where you can stay during your holidays and it plays a major role in promoting tourism of the state. In this blog, I am going to talk about which is best for accommodation- Homestays or Hotels? So, let’s start…

What is a homestay?

Homestay is a way of promoting tourism by the locals of any place, in which private apartments, houses offers accommodation to visitors by charging a fixed amount of money. In other words, we can also say that a homestay is that type of accommodation in which visitors choose to stay in the home of a local family by paying a small amount of money. The concept of homestays in India was started first started in Kerala and Rajasthan as a way of promoting tourism in the state.

Homestays or HotelsWhy should you choose homestays instead of hotels?

From the name itself, you have got an idea that homestays will give you a feeling of home away from home. Following are the reasons which will help you to understand why it is better to choose homestays instead of hotels-

Home food is always ready- If you go for homestay in your vacations, then you will not have to miss the delicious home food because in homestay you will be offered relish-local food by the host. If you are given a separate apartment as homestay then also you can cook food on your own in the kitchen, which will cut down your expenses on food while traveling.

Much cheaper than hotels- Homestays are much cheaper and affordable than hotels, even if you are opting to choose low budget hotels you may not get many facilities what you will get in a homestay. The best part of a homestay is that it does not include a number of taxes. This is the major reason which will help you to choose between homesatys and hotels.

Well spacious- A homestay is all yours, you are not restricted to a single room. Though it may not have swimming pools or bars, but is well spacious as compared to hotels.

Interesting as well as quite- We all have stayed in hotels for a number of times, so why not try homestay this vacation. You will get a peaceful environment in the homestay which is quite not possible to get in hotels. Living in a homestay will create a number of beautiful travel memories which you can recall in future.

Friend for a life- The hosts are courteous and a way too helpful, so that you don’t feel awkward in the new environment and this will build a strong bond between both of you. So, at the end of your vacation, you might get a friend for life.

Hotels- Hotel is the most preferred form of accommodation in India while traveling. In simple words, we can say that it is the house of endless luxury where one can enjoy their stay by paying a fixed amount of money.

Homestays or hotelsWhy choosing hotels in better option while traveling?

No need of prior reservation- The main advantage of choosing a hotel is that you don’t need a reservation, in prior you can go walk-in whereas in most of the homestays you need to do a booking in prior.

Much more facilities- In hotels one can enjoy much more facilities as compared to homestay. A hotel gives you room service facility, bar, restaurant, swimming pools, reception, concierge and many more which is not possible to find in a homestay.

No scope of language barrier- If you are staying in homestay during your travel to place where you have never been before, there are high chances of language barriers as your host may not be aware of the language which you speak, but if you are staying in a hotel during your trip there is no scope of language barrier.

Homestays or hotelsThe arrangement of traveling- You can ask hotel staffs to make arrangements for your travel to the local spots of the place, or simply can ask for pick-up and drop facility. If you are staying in a homestay, you can just ask about the local sightseeing from your host.

Can choose the hotels near the tourist spots- You can find hotels near to the well-known tourist spots of the place, but homestays are not always located everywhere in the whole city. This will clearly help you to choose between homestays or hotels.

These were the major differences between a hotel and a homestay. I hope you have got few ideas on which is better to choose-Homestays or Hotels, so book your reservation which suits best to you.


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