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Goa road trip 2019- A complete travel guide for your journey



Thinking of how to spend your 2019 in the best possible way? Nothing can be better than spending a vacation to one of the most popular holiday destination Goa. Explore more and make your trip more exciting and adventurous by choosing Goa road trip. Wait a second, don’t be so impulsive and read on to plan your Goa road trip in the best way and have a blusterous start of the year. Trust me after the Goa road trip 2019, you will become a storyteller and will always cherish the memories you will spend on your holidays.

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Goa road trip 2019Why Goa road trip: For cherishing the moments

There is saying “Always take the long route as it will make you a challenger” is perfect when talking in respect to road trips. Don’t limit your traveling mode to the rail routes only, as sometimes it lacks adventures and challenges. If you have a desire not only to travel but to learn also, then Goa road trip 2019 is for you which will embark on new changes in your personality. Remember the movie Dil Chahta Hai, where three friends traveled to Goa in their own car, if one wants to feel that enthusiasm and zeal Goa is waiting for you.  Let this year have an exciting start and travel on your own comfort zone without any worries, with a tilt of love towards Goa road trip.

Best time to visit Goa: Deals and offers like never before

The best time to visit Goa is from the Month of November to March, most preferably January because as the New Year arrives the Goa became a heaven for party seekers. November to March is also an ideal time to enjoy an adventurous sport like Jet Ski, Parasailing, Kayaking, River rafting. December and January also give you a chance to witness Sunburn Festival and Christmas festival. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your Goa road trip 2019 as soon as possible and spend the beginning of 2019 around merriment.

Duration of Goa road trip: For a memorable vacation

Your Goa road trip 2019 duration depends upon the number of factors like from where you have started, the route duration, weather conditions, vehicle mileage. Though you can discover the Goa in a period of 3-4 days, the total duration of Goa road trip 2019 will be of 1week, if you will start from the Mumbai. The duration will convert into a period of 10-12 days if starting from the northern part of the country.

Best cars for Goa road trip 2019: Lavishness at its best

Now it’s time to check out the most important part of Journey which is a car. You will always want your journey to be comfortable and smooth without any hurdles for that don’t forget to choose a car which will give best average mileage. If you will choose the best car the damaged and dusty roads can never block your way and you can drive smoothly and comfortably all the way throughout the road trip. Hence, find out the reason why the below-mentioned cars are best for your journey.

Mahindra Scorpio- Even if you are not pro at driving then no worry, Mahindra Scorpio will be best for you. No matter whether the route is bumpy or dusty you will never face any trouble through your entire journey. A beautiful route and a perfect car will surely make you instantly fall in love with the journey. Generally, this car is available in five variants S3, S5, S7 120 and the S11.

Renault Duster- If performance and quality are both your expectations then go for Renault Duster, generally, this car is offered in ten diesel and two diesel variants. Though several upgradations are done in this SUV, one thing which makes it way too unique is its ability to withstand rigorous condition.

Mahindra Bolero- The most popular car for the long-distance road trip is Mahindra Bolero. It’s comfortable seating facility, and bulk appearance makes it the first choice for travelers. There are 16 versions of this car out of which you can choose any one according to your own budget and choice.

Toyota Innova Crysta- This car is for those who are really passionate about driving on long roads. Its automatic led projector headlamps, revealing an alloy wheel, its peaceful radiance, digital display audio gives the car a professional look.

Tata Hexa- Though the car is very newly launched in the market it will surely satisfy all your desires up to a great extent, in terms of look, features, mileage, specifications and almost everything. Tata Hexa is available in six variants.

Goa road trip 2019 cost: For a budget and smart traveling

A small traveler always travels on a budget, so now it’s time to talk about the budget. Your budget will depend upon various factors like the number of days you are planning for the holiday, which car you are selecting, kind of accommodation and food you are going to prefer. If you are traveling from Mumbai to Goa by a road for 4-5 days, then the average budget will Rs 6000-Rs 9000 per person including accommodation, fuel, food, and sightseeing. Your budget will extend up to Rs 10000-Rs 14000 per person for 10 days if you will start your road trip from the northern part of the country. Don’t get hassled by the estimated amount, plan your trip and start your year with a big blast.

Things to pack for Goa road trip: Packing like a Pro

Before being a smart traveler is a smart packer, and I know you will never want to bother yourself particularly if you are on a long road trip, but the next question arises what if you have never been on road trip? No worry, read the things to pack for Goa road trip.

Insurance policy and all other documents of the car- If you will travel from the northern part of the country you will mainly cross 2-3 states, and there are high chances that the traffic police may ask about the documents of the car. So, never forget to keep essential documents of the car on your road trip.

Spare tire- No doubt it is always better to have a spare tire if traveling on a long road journey.

First-aid box- Whether you are on road trip or not your car should always have one first-aid box in case of emergency.

Snacks- It is always better to keep some homemade snacks for your journey, rather than buying snacks from the market.

Traveling pillow- If we keep adventure and excitement on a side then road trip sometimes is tiring also. It is better to keep traveling pillow with yourself so that you can rest in the car.

There are much more things which you need to pack for your road trip like travel games, a good playlist, a car charger and a mobile holder, travel maps, blankets, folding seats etc for a comfortable journey.

Places to visit in Goa: To capture the real scene

Aguada Fort: Where the history goes deeper and deeper

Built by Portuguese in the year 1612, Aguada Fort deserves to be placed on the list of top forts of India because of its unique architectural design. The basic motive of its construction is to act as a barrier against the Dutch and the Marathas. The center of attraction of the fort is Aguada lighthouse which is 13 meters tall and was built in the year 1864. There is a prison house inside the fort, which is now closed for public. Don’t forget to add Aguada Fort as a must visit place in your Goa itinerary.

Basilica of Bom Jesus: the pride and Heritage of Goa

Churches in Goa are the major reason for the popularity of the place. Well, the popularity of Basilica of Bom is not hidden from us, it is considered as one of the most popular churches of  Goa as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. St. Francis Xavier’s mortal remains are placed inside the church in the most preserved manner. If you want to capture your historical visit then don’t forget to take a camera with yourself.

Anjuna: Where beaching and shopping go hand in hand

Anjuna beach is among the largest beach of Goa and is spread in an area of 2 kilometers. This beach is perfect to watch the mesmerizing and picturesque view of nature and here one can also find red rocks. If you are looking for some other attractions then you can visit Anjuna flea market which is organized on every Wednesday. You can find everything in the market from ancient sculptures to the modern traditional Goan jewelry. In simple words, Anjuna is the place where you can enjoy the adventure as well as shopping.

Dudhsagar falls: Where nature itself spread its beauty

Located at distance of 46 kilometers from Madgaon, Dudhsagar falls is worth to capture in your camera. This waterfall is the 4th tallest waterfall in India having a height of 312 meters and looks really beautiful especially in the Monsoon Season. If you are traveling by train route, then no doubt you will be able to see its true beauty. Sadly, till now there is no spot developed for the perfect view of the waterfall.

Dona Paula Beach: Breathtaking view of nature

Nestled between the Mandovi and Zuari river, Dona Paula beach is situated at distance of 7 kilometers from Panaji. As per ancient Saga, it is believed that Dauna Paula De Menezes daughter of Viceroy end her life here because of protest faced by family because of her love affair. This beach is generally known for its water sports activities, mesmerizing view, romantic history and gleaming nightlife. Dauna Paula beach is also must visit for those who want to see the festivity of India in an organized manner. In simple, it is the place where you can enjoy the best coastal life.

Mangeshi Temple: Let your soul get some inner peace

It is believed that Goa is a land of churches but this popular destination also houses some beautifully structured Hindu temples. Mangeshi temple is among one of them, it is the largest temple of Goa which is situated at distance of 21 kilometers from Panaji. The temple is well known for its seven-story Deep Stambha and idol of Nandi bull inside the temple. Don’t forget to visit this marvelous carved temple during your Goa trip.

Dr.Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary: Spend some time with wildlife

Beautiful beaches, sparkling nightlife, Sunburn Festival altogether make an image of Goa, but many few people know about the popular Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. Many migratory birds and exotic wildlife can be seen in this sanctuary, this sanctuary is named after Indian ornithologist Dr. Salim Moizzudin Ali. Really it will be an amazing experience to see the migratory birds and animals when your boat will pass through the mangroves. If you a bird lover then be a photographer until the time you are in the sanctuary because you will rarely get a chance to see soo many birds at one place.

Tito’s Club: It’s time to party

You will not give justice to yourself if during your Goa trip you will not visit any club. Nightlife makes up the Goa, so if you want to visit the best club in Goa then immediately plan your visit to Tito’s club. It was opened in the year 1971, and since time passes it has become one of the well-known clubs of Goa. This club is located near to Baga beach, and it offers all the kinds of stuff to make your visit a memorable one. Particularly it’s Saturday nights and the food is the center of attraction.

Hope you have liked the above-mentioned itinerary for your Goa road trip 2019. So, don’t waste your time, plan your trip as soon as possible to get the best New Year hotel deals.




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