The popularity of the Goa trip is immense across the world, in spite of being the smallest state of India it addresses tourism in abundance. All of us have made the plan to visit Goa once in life, as we all want to experience the modern part of India which can not be found in other states of India. No doubt, Goa gives you an opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking view of nature in the form of beaches and pristine sand, but it is not limited only up to exploring beaches. There are many more things which the destination offers for all age groups, especially for youngsters. Are you in a confusion that whether you should plan Goa trip or not then you are at right place, today I am going to talk about the reasons what makes Goa an ideal holiday destination. Check, it out and turn your Goa trip into reality.

Goa tripMouthwatering Seafood- If you are a die-hard fan of Non- Vegetarian food, then surely you will like the Goan cuisine. Goa is a perfect place to relish your mouth with seafood like kingfish, crabs, prawns, mutton and many other food items. I am sure, that you will not be able to find such a tasty seafood in your hometown at an affordable rate. So, during your Goa trip don’t forget to taste the delicious seafood, trust me later you will going to say thanks.


Goa tripWater activities- Goa is the perfect place to enjoy water sports activities like jet skiing, paragliding, parasailing, scuba diving. You can see great zeal and enthusiasm among all age groups for water sports activities at the place. Usually, sports controller charges a high price of water sports in Goa but if you insist they might lower the price. If you want to have a sensational memorable experience then you should definitely try water sports especially Parasailing and Jet skiing because in Parasailing you will feel like flying on top of the world and the jet ski in enough to give you goosebumps.

Goa tripHoly churches- Goa is the land of churches and is considered as a major tourist spot of Goa. The main churches of Goa are Basilica of Bomb Jesus, St. Alex Church, Se Cathedral, Church of Saint Francis of Assisi. As small temples are found in every corner of the city of plains similarly, you can find churches in Goa. You must visit these historical churches to gather information about the ancient Goa and history of churches. If you are really crazy to captures the movements of your Goa trip, then it is better to click some nice pictures outside the church because inside many churches of Goa photography is strictly restricted. Hence Goa churches are another reason which makes it so popular across the world.

Goa tripA Modern India within India- All of us all well aware of the modernity of Goa, in simple form we can say it is a modern India within India. It is quite different from other states of India because here you can freely roam at night without any worries, you can walk on western clothes on the roads which are quite difficult in other states, here you can freely enjoy the taste of Goa at a most affordable price, at beaches you will find babes. Hence, Goa is among one of the modern states of India and it is best to do Goa trip once in life.


Goa tripCruising- Cruising in Goa is another major reason which makes it an ideal holiday destination. It is the most suitable option to spend your night on beautiful ships under the dark sky, and cruising can be done on both sea and river. There are a large number of activities organized on the cruise for the recreational purposes, some cruises allow entry of adults and kids while others allow entry of adults only. The price of cruises is different according to the activities provided inside it, some start with the minimum price of Rs 300 while others may cost more than Rs 10,000. You can also enjoy your dinner at cruise with a nominal price range, So don’t forgot to go for cruising if you are in Goa from the next time.

Goa tripScooty ride- In Goa, you can enjoy Scooty and a bike rides at most affordable rates but the need is that you must possess a driving license. It is best to explore the Goa on bikes or Scooty with friends because it will be a lifetime memorable experience for you. Before hiring Scooty or a bike in it is better to check for the best price because many sellers always seek their profit and they might charge extra from you. After you have hired a bike or Scooty then it is best to check its condition whether it is working properly or not and again confirm the returning time of the vehicle. Consult with your friends about it and make them agree to have a Scooty ride, trust me you will enjoy a lot in your Goa trip.

Above mentioned are few reasons which make Goa an ideal holiday destination. After reading the post you must have eager to discover such a beautiful place, So plan a Goa trip with your loved ones and enjoy the beuaty of the state.

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