Goa needs no introduction all of us are well aware of the popularity of Goa in terms of tourism. Pristine beaches, mesmerizing view, large coconut trees, glamorous nightlife, ancient churches, modern casinos altogether makes the Goa as well known tourist attraction across the country. Apart from all these factors the one thing which makes Goa a famous tourist spot is its authentic Goan cuisine. The role of Portuguese cannot be denied in making Goa food famous in the entire world. As Goa is situated in the coastal region of India, so here the seafood is more dominating and is preferred to eat by the majority of the population. As Goa is popular for its seafood it is not like that you will not find vegetarian food here, old generation is still fond of vegetarian food. Well, in this blog I am going to discuss the famous goa food which you should not miss on your Goa holiday.

Goa foodKingfish Thali- Don’t forget to taste kingfish thali on your Goa trip, it is considered as fundamental food of Goa. You can get kingfish thali from multi-cuisine restaurant to small dhaba in Goa. The thali usually consists of chapati, fish curry or dal, a huge fried kingfish, salad, pickle but few restaurants also adds tambda rassa (a gravy recipe made from mutton). The price of a Kingfish thali is usually between Rs 200- Rs 250. Papa Joe’s in south Goa is the ideal restaurant to enjoy the original taste of Kingfish thali.

Goa foodShawarma- Shawarma is among one of the popular goa food, it is a grilled preparation which is usually made from meat, chicken, beef and is served in a wrap. You can find Shawarma is almost every corner of Goa but if you want to enjoy the true taste then don’t forget to visit Haji Ali restaurant, which is in Panjim. The specialty of this restaurant is that they use two Shawarma grills, one for a spicy marinade and other for regular marinade chicken. The cost of regular Shawarma is Rs 60 and the spicy one costs Rs 70, the spicy one is quite popular.

Goa foodXacuti- If you are fond of non-veg then don’t forget to taste xacuti in Goa. It is usually made up of chicken, meat, pork and is flavored with red chilies, poppy seeds, grated coconut slices. Chicken xacuti is more popular in Goa but you can also try pork xacuti. Mum’s kitchen and Brittos are the best eat outs to try xacuti in Goa.

Goa foodPrawn Balchao- Prawn Balchao is a popular seafood of Goa and tastes like a pickle. It is served as an accompaniment to the main course but can also be enjoyed as an evening snack. The main ingredient is prawn and it is flavored with red chilies, cloves, cinnamon, mustard seeds, cumin seeds. It can be prepared for many days without getting spoiled. Cassandre restaurant to pamper your mouth with the taste of Prawn Balcha.

Goa foodPork Vindaloo- Pork Vindaloo is a well known traditional Goa food.It is flavored with chilies, garlic, ginger, and vinegar and is served with rice and Sannas (a Goan dish), and does not contain potatoes. Pork Vindaloo is served in major festivals like New Year, Christmas, and Easter. Lila cafe and Souza Lobo are the best restaurants to have pork vindaloo.

Goa foodMussel Rawa fry- It is served as a starter or as evening snacks in Goa, in this mussels are marinated in a spicy paste which is further coated with egg and semolina. Preparation time of this dish is quite long because cleaning mussels is a tough task. Another name of Mussel Rawa Fry is Xinaneao Rava fry and it goes best with green chutney. Don’t forget to taste this Goa food at Martin’s corner during your trip.

Goa foodShark Ambot tik- It is a well-known dish of Goa which tastes spicy and sour and is usually made from shark fish, but you can also find other nonveg delicacies of Ambot Tik in Goa. If you prefer to eat spicy curry then you should not miss this Goa food. The fish is first marinated and then it is cooked with the masala paste, it goes well with boiled rice and pav. Martin’s corner and Papa Joe’s are the best restaurants in Goa to enjoy the true taste of Shark Ambot tik.

Goa foodCaldeirada- It is a fish stew which is made from different types of fishes and potatoes and is among must try Goa food. Caldeirada is flavored with bay leaves, peppercorns, garlic and is each and every multi-cuisine restaurant of Goa. The dish is popular since the rule of Portuguese and is now found in each and every house of Goa.

After reading the post you surely have got an idea about the popular Goa food. So, during your next Goa trip explore the place in the terms of popular Goan cuisine.Goa food


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