Summers in India are quite harsh and scorching, especially the month of May and June. Therefore it is very much important to focus on our health and always be hydrated. We all know that water plays a major role in keeping us hydrated as well as maintaining a good health. Apart from water, Summer drinks are the best alternative to keep yourself hydrated. So, in this blog, I have come up with the best Summer drinks in India which you must try this Summer to re-energize yourself.

Summer drinksJaljeera- Jaljeera is one of the most preferred summer drink of India. It is made from powdered cumin, black pepper, water, mint and this drink is famous in the northern part of India. Jaljeera is usually served before the main course as it acts as an appetizer. This drink also has medicinal properties and is also used to cure improper digestion. Prepare this drink at home and enjoy the Summers at its best.

Buttermilk– Buttermilk also called as Chhach also deserves to be placed among the best summer drinks of India. This drink is prepared from the churned butter from thick cream. There are basically two tastes of Chhach in India one is salty while other is sweet. Salty chhach is made up of cumin powder, ginger, pepper, green chilies while sweet chhach is made by adding sugar. This drink plays a significant role to re-energize our body in Summers.

Lassi– In India Lassi is famous as a Punjabi drink and is prepared from yogurt. It is the drink which you can customize on your own by adding Roohafza, mint, honey, cardamom and many others. There are basically three types of Lassi- Sweet Lassi, Mango Lassi and Bhang Lassi. It’s better to enjoy the real taste of Lassi at home in Summers.

Lemonade- Lemonade or Nimbu Pani is the most common drink of summers in India. It is prepared from sugar, salt, lemon, mint leaves and spices like cumin powder, black pepper are also added. Lemonade is highly rich in Vitamin C and it is beneficial for health especially in summers. You can easily prepare it in the home by choosing the ingredients which you like.

Aam Panna- Aam Panna is among the famous summer drinks of India and is made up of raw mangoes, sugar, and spices. This drink is very popular in the northern part of India because of two regions, first is that north part of the country is the land of mangoes and the second reason is that the region has high temperature and to beat the heat people use to consume the Aam Panna on a regular basis. This drink is also used to treat various intestinal problems and is the main source of Vitamin C.

Sugarcane Juice- One of the most consumed Summer drinks is the Sugarcane juice. It is prepared by crushing Sugarcane in a mill and contains a number of health benefits, major health benefit is it helps in building plasma and increasing the blood flow. Mainly this drink is of Uttar Pradesh but is also popular in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. It is also believed that Sugarcane also helps you to strength liver and it provides instant energy. So, whenever you are feeling low in Summers have a glass of Sugarcane Juice.

Sattu Sharbat- Sattu Sharbat is one of the famous local drink of Bihar, it is best consumed in the Summer Season. It is made up form gram flour, barley flour or a mix of both, salt, sugar, and water. One can also add onions to the sharbat for a better taste. This drink not only acts as a refreshment but also satisfies hunger to the great extent. It has several health benefits major is it helps in the weight loss. Check out the recipe and prepare at your home with much ease.

Watermelon Juice- Watermelon is best for summers whether it is eaten as a fruit or drink as a juice, it always helps us to keep hydrated. Watermelon contains a lot of vitamins and it also makes our skin glow, and it prevents sweat up to a greater extent. Watermelon juice also prevents hair loss, and it also acts as a skin toner. Have a glass of watermelon juice and enjoy the summers.

Coconut water- Coconut water is derived from the coconut and is among one of the most preferred summer drinks of India. Core origination of this drink in India is from the southern part of India from the states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. Coconut water is highly rich in nutrients like carbohydrates and proteins. It helps in controlling blood pressure and heart-related problems. Coconut water is available in the market in the form of the canned bottle as well as raw coconut.

Cold coffee- Coffee is among the popular drinks of India, no matter whether it is hot or cold. Cold coffee is usually prepared with milk, coffee powder, sugar, chocolate syrup, vanilla ice-cream and a piece of chocolate. It always helps you to keep cool in the summer season, and if you are a coffee lover than nothing can be better than this. The best thing about the cold coffee is that you don’t need to go to market, it can be easily prepared in the home the way you want.

I hope you have liked the list of summer drinks which are way too popular in India. So, don’t let the heat make yourself tired in the Summers, prepare these drinks and re-energize yourself.

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