July is one of the best month of the year as it brings heavy rain showers, to quench the thirst of the land. The month of July in India is the beginning of the Monsoon season, and if you are not among those people who prefer to stay at home in this month and you also don’t mind to get wet in the shower of rains then for you July is the perfect time to explore India. If you agree with me, then pack your bags for a memorable monsoon holiday and have a gala time in July 2018.

July 2018Lonavala: Perfect for weekend Monsoon holidays

Located in the Sahyadri hills, Lonavala is a popular hill station which is situated at distance of 85 kilometers from Mumbai. You can visit the hill station at any time of the year but spending Monsoon in Lonavala is a lifetime memorable experience. Lonavala starts receiving rainfall from the month of June which continues until September. In Monsoon Lonavala turns into the green paradise and the weather becomes hazy. The hill station is a popular weekend destination for those living in Mumbai and Pune.

Goa: Dreamland for beach lovers

Goa also deserves to be placed on this list because if you want to see the greenery part of the state, then July is the best month to visit. The month of July in Goa is not so busy, and you will get a lot of advantages if visiting the place this month. You will get best hotel deals, cheap scooter rides, a chance to see the festivity of the state and more amazingly you will be able to see the Dudhsagar falls in its wildest form. I hope these reasons are enough to motivate you to plan your Goa trip this July.

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Kerala: The jewel of South India
Kerala in Summers is very high in temperature, practically speaking tourist usually don’t prefer to visit South India in Summers, but in Monsoon you will experience the contradictory of Summers. Monsoon is undoubtedly the best season to visit Kerala as in this season the surroundings turn itself into the greenery, waterfall gets overflowed, and trust me it is really relaxing to enjoy houseboat ride on backwaters. If you are a beach lover then also Kerala will offer you more than your thought. In July Kerala beaches are not so busy, so you can relax by sitting at the shore of the beaches. So, in July 2018 plan for a trip to the Southern part of India.

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Pachmarhi: Vacation at Satpura ki Rani

Pachmarhi is the only hill station of Madhya Pradesh where you can visit in July 2018. The hill station is located at an elevation of 1,100 meters, in Satpura ranges. Pachmarhi can be visited at any time of the year, but if you want to see the real beauty of the place then plan for a Monsoon trip. The hill station receives moderate to heavy rainfall in the July which makes the surroundings pure and green. If you are fond of seeing waterfalls, then Pachmarhi offers you a chance to witness a number of waterfalls which are usually overflowing in July.

Udaipur: Monsoon in the city of lakes

The scorching summers of Rajasthan need no introduction, and one rarely dares to visit the state in Summers. Visiting Udaipur in Monsoon can be a moment which you will always want to keep in your heart. Lakes of Udaipur in July gets full up to brim which is a delight to watch. Udaipur is one of the most romantic city of India, and Monsoon is a time when you can spend some quality time with your partner. The Monsoon in Udaipur is generally considered as off-season, so there is a chance to get the best offer deals on hotels. So, why not to plan for a Monsoon holiday in the “land of forts”.

Kodaikanal: Vacation in princess of hill stations

Kodaikanal can be another option for you if you are planning for a vacation in the Southern part of India. Kodaikanal is a city in the state of Tamil Nadu which is worth visiting during the month of July. Kodaikanal starts receiving rainfall from the month of June and the temperature in Monsoon is 15°C-25°C, which makes the surrounding pleasant and best to relax. Apart from the pleasant weather, Kodaikanal offers you a lot more. In the place, you will get a chance to see the breathtaking views of nature in the form of deep valleys, hills, and mountains. In simple I would like to say that if you want to spend the vacation in a place close to nature then nothing can be better than Kodaikanal.

Tawang: Solitaire of Northeast

Tawang is a town in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, well known as a holy place for Tibetans. Beautiful landscapes, Mesmerizing landscapes, enchanting waterfalls, ancient monasteries are some another reasons which make the place a worth visit. Tawang receives average to moderate rainfall in July, which makes the place more alluring. The surroundings turn more beautiful and the demand for street food speed up. It is advisable to keep some light woolens, as heavy rains may result into falling of the temperature.

Gangtok: The land of the Himalayan mountain range

Gangtok starts receiving showers of rain from the month of July, which converts the entire surroundings into lush greenery. If visiting Gangtok in Monsoon, you will get good deals on hotels. You will get a chance to view the scenic beauty of Mount Kanchenjunga, which is the third highest peak in the world. Practically speaking, if you are fond of rain showers and not very high in the pocket then you can surely plan your July 2018 trip to Gangtok.

I hope with this list of best places to visit in India in July 2018, you have got an idea which place to choose. 


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