Ladakh bike tripHi readers, in my last post I have discussed the best Ladakh bike trip. Today I am going to talk about what is the most appropriate budget for Ladakh trip if you have your own bike. It is always advisable to visit Ladakh by own bike because it will create bundles of beautiful memories, which will be with you for the lifetime. Before visiting any destination it is better to make a budget as it will help you to prevent unnecessary expenses and you can explore a destination with the fixed amount of money. Here I am going to present a budget for Ladakh bike trip (applicable for one person and for 15 days) which will be from New Delhi to Ladakh, if you are traveling from another part of the country then you can consider it as Ladakh bike trip from Delhi. So, let’s proceed without wasting time.

Petrol- The total distance from Delhi-Ladakh and Ladakh-Delhi is 2,060 kilometers, but we might have to travel extra. So, as an assumption let’s take the total distance as 2,500 kilometers. The roads of mountainous regions are usually not in good condition, and sometimes you might have to travel with the help of tire marks of vehicles which have just passed before. Therefore the usual average mileage will be between 25-30 kilometers/ liter. So, the cost of petrol will be around

2500/25=100 liters for the whole trip

Let’s take the average price of petrol as Rs.75

Therefore, the total budget of petrol for Ladakh bike trip will be Rs.7, 500-Rs.8, 500

Riding gears- Without proper safety, you cannot complete such a long trip, you can save money in some other things but you cannot compromise with life, therefore riding gears are must for a long trip. If you are low on budget then a decent riding jacket (cost around Rs 5000), well-branded denim (Rs 2,000) and tough army boots (Rs 1,500) accompanied by a good brand helmet (Rs 2,000) are enough. You can also use elbow (Rs 2,000) and knee guard (Rs 1,500) to double your protection. Therefore, the total cost of riding gears will be around Rs 14,000.

Food and Accommodation- The next major expenditure will be of food and accommodation. In terms of accommodation, Ladakh is much cheaper than any other states of India; here you can easily get an accommodation within range of Rs 500-Rs 1,500 per day.

Therefore, the total cost of accommodation for 15 days=500*15=Rs7,500

Now, let’s talk about food which will be required in major quantity to keep you active on the trip. An average healthy individual can easily consume food of Rs 500 in a day which includes all major meals. The total cost of food for 15 days trip, will be= 500*15=Rs 7,500

Hence, the total cost of food and accommodation=Rs 7,500+Rs 7,500= Rs 15,000

Ladakh bike tripBike maintenance- Before starting a long bike trip it is necessary that your bike should be in its best condition. Proper maintenance of bike is very important as it is going to be with you for the whole trip. Therefore it will be a better decision to spend money on servicing of the bike before the journey starts. The normal charges for servicing of bikes will be around Rs 2,500. Ladakh is a region of high altitude with high and low passes, the bike might show uncertain faults. It is better to keep some spare parts with you; the cost will be around Rs 3,000.


Extra Cash- For a Ladakh bike trip, it is better to keep extra cash of Rs 10,000 which will be necessary around the whole trip.

Hence, the total Ladakh bike tour cost will be around Rs 52000 for 15 days. If extra cash is not used you might complete it within the price range of Rs 42,000- Rs 45,000. I hope this budget will help you in the planning of Ladakh bike trip.

Thanks for reading.


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