Sitting in a train and watching the scenic view of nature from the window provides an inner peace to our soul and all of us really enjoy doing so. Train routes are always beautiful than our imagination and become a memorable journey when we are with our loved ones. When the talk is of trains we cannot leave Indian railways, as it helps the population of India to travel from one part of a country to another. We get a different view of nature in every fraction of a second through our window and mostly it is a huge farm, tall trees, a river. What if you can experience something more than that? Yes, you could but for that, you have to travel some of the really amazing and beautiful train routes of India. So, check out the location of best train routes of India.

Beautiful train routesKalka-Shimla route (Great Innovation by Indian railways)-This route will surely convert your cinematic thoughts into reality, as it gives you a chance to sit in a toy train which you have seen in movies. The length of this route is 94 kilometers and is of 5 hours and this short duration of time will surely give a lifetime memorable experiences. The construction of this route was started in the year 1903 and it has 102 tunnels and 82 bridges. Visitors prefer to visit Shimla in summers but one can visit this route at any time of the year. If you are in a group then it is best for you, as you can stand in an area which is behind the engine and feel the cool breeze. This route has got a place in World Heritage site by UNESCO and it has also got a place in the Guinness book of world record. This route is a bit slow way to reach Shimla but trust me you are going to enjoy the beauty of nature in each and every second.

beautiful train routesRatnagiri to Vasco da Gama route (Ideal during Monsoon)- Konkan railway is one of the outstanding innovation by Indian railways and it is considered as one of the best routes in India. Konkan railway has about 123 stations and it passes through 3 states Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka but the most beautiful route is between Ratnagiri to Vasco da Gama.  When the train passes through Shayadari ranges and on the edge of the Arabian sea you will surely get fascinated by the beauty of nature. If you are traveling the place in monsoon then it is awesome because at that time rainfall makes the surrounding really wonderful. During your travel on this route, you will feel amazed by the marvelous architectural work of engineers and will surely proud of the fact that Konkan railway is part of India. This route is ideal for photography so don’t forget to click pictures during your travel on this beautiful train route.

Mandapam to Rameshwaram (A holy ride by train)- Ever dream of traveling on water? If yes, then for that you have to visit Mandapam to Rameshwaram. This route is among one of the beautiful train routes of India as it is situated on Pamban bridge which is the second longest sea bridge in India. During your travel on this route, you can clearly listen the sound of water waves which provide inner peace to the nature lovers. Though the train distance from Mandapam to Rameshwaram is not so long, but the mesmerizing view of nature really makes it a memorable one. If you are an adventure seeker then you must do a train trip on this route. Apart from adventure, it is also known as one of the most dangerous train routes of India but if nature attracts you then you will love to travel on this route.

Beautiful train routesSiliguri to Alipurduar (A train trip in forests)- The train route from Siliguri to Alipurduar is well known as Dooars voyage and it holds its distinct image is the beautiful train routes of India. Dooars voyage introduces one’s to the beautiful valleys, lush green forests, high altitude mountains. Mahananda wildlife sanctuary, Chapramari forest, Buxa tiger reserve and Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary are situated along this train route. During your trip to this train route, you may find animals around the track. If you are adventurous as well as nature lover then surely you are going to love this route.

Beautiful train routesHubli to Madgaon route (For a true fairytale experience)- Hubli to Madgaon route is one of the most beautiful train routes of India and it can turn your fairytale imagination into reality. You get an opportunity to see Dudh Sagar waterfalls, yes I am talking about that waterfall which you have seen in movies. When your train will cross one of the longest waterfalls of India, you will awestruck by its beauty and you can clearly listen the loud sound of water flow. You will surely think how difficult it would have been to lay down the railway track at that location. Londa junction is the nearest railway station to Dudhsagar waterfall from where you can enjoy the perfect view of nature.

Beautiful train routesJammu- Baramulla route (Most scenic train route)- Mountainous railway line are usually operated in narrow gauges and there are many mountainous regions where railways are not in operation. The Kashmir railway line from Jammu to Baramulla is the only railway line which is been in operation in broad gauges.This railway route connects Jammu to Srinagar and it passes through 30 stations. This route is located in an earthquake zone and in extremely cold climate. This railway line is the result of hard work of the number of engineers as it was not possible to lay the railway tracks in such a high altitude region. If you ever got a chance to visit this route, then don’t lose the opportunity as it is among the most beautiful train routes of India.

Our India is blessed with the number of beautiful train routes of India, above mentioned are just a few in number. If you really want to experience the nature in its best form then you should definitely visit these railway routes.Beautiful train routes


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