Holidays are one of the best breaks which are necessary to entertain ourselves from a busy schedule. Holidays just not meant only a break it is that aspect of our daily life which is important to energize ourselves from time to time. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to plan a vacation due to a busy schedule of life but thank God Summers are there which makes it possible. Since summers are near all of us have started to make a plan for holidays and some already have got their best holiday deals. The most preferred destination for Summer holidays is beautiful Hill stations of India particularly of Himachal Pradesh. A trip to Shimla will be the best option for you if still, you have not planned your summer holidays because in this season Shilma has quite and calm climate. Today, I am going to present most affordable Shimla budget which will surely help you to plan your itinerary along with expenses. The budget which I am going to present here will be of 3-days for one person and will start from New Delhi by train. So, consider it and plan your holiday and have fun.

Shimla budgetTraveling- Firstly, I am going to give you an estimate of travel expenses of the train. Shimla is not directly connected from New Delhi by train, So first, you have to book a train from New Delhi to Kalka which normally costs around Rs 250 of sleeper class. From Kalka, you have to again book toy train up to Shimla and the normal toy train fair from Kalka to Shimla in 2nd seating is around Rs 65. Toy train usually takes 5- 6 hours to reach Shimla as it passes through 103 tunnels. Seating in a toy train and watching the panoramic view of hills of Shimla is really a nice experience.So, the total cost of traveling from New Delhi- Shimla and from Shimla-New Delhi is Rs 630.

Accommodation- If you are planning to travel Shimla in on- season then booking of a hotel in advance is a better option as you will not have to wander here and there, and at last you may fluctuate your Shimla budget. You can easily get budget hotels in Shimla at price range of Rs 600- Rs 1000 for 24 hours in offseason.Therefore, from total Shimla budget cost of accommodation will be=3*600=Rs 1800

Shimla budgetFood- In Shimla, you can easily eat Rs 500 food per day which includes breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and Dinner. Hence, the total cost of food for 3 days=3*500=Rs 1500

Local traveling- Shimla is a small town and you can easily explore it by walking because of many tourist attractions are located nearby to each other. As an estimate, you may have to spend Rs 200 for exploring Shimla at its best. In your three days tours, you must not miss the chance to visit Kufri which is a small hill station at distance of 16 kilometers from Shimla. The bus fare for Shimla to Kufri will be Rs 50-Rs 100 per person, you can also hire a car from Shimla to Kufri at Rs 500- Rs 1000. After reaching Kufri, you have to spend Rs 500 on horse riding, which is the best method to explore the majestic hills of Kufri.

Therefore, from total Shimla budget cost of local traveling will be Rs750 if you are not hiring car from Shimla to Kufri.

Shimla budgetAdventurous sports- Shimla is considered as an ideal location for doing adventurous sports like paragliding, parasailing, skiing, river rafting, zip lining and many others. The price of adventurous sports in Shimla is usually high in on-season, but in an off-season, the price is half. A single person will usually do 2-3 adventurous sports, hence the total cost of it will not go beyond Rs 2000.

Shopping- It is better not to shop much from Shimla because you will usually get the things at double price, but if you are really crazy about shopping then you can explore markets like Lakkar Bazaar, Mall road, Tibetan market. It is advisable not to shop for more than Rs 2000.

Extra cash- Keeping extra cash during traveling is best, as it will help you to cope up with an emergency. It is better to add Rs 1500 in your Shimla budget.

Therefore the total Shimla budget for 3 days is Rs 6,680 excluding shopping and extra cash. I hope you all have got an idea about how to plan your Shimla budget and enjoy your vacation at its best.

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